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The Fight Against Obama’s Executive Action

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced his executive order, which will bring relief to many undocumented individuals in the United States. Many see Obama’s executive order as a step in the right direction. However, many others don’t see it that way. This past week seventeen states filed a federal lawsuit against President Obama arguing […]

SB 9 Bill is Dead, Gov. Perry Plays the Blame Game | El Fracaso De La Ley Contra Las Ciudades Santuario En Texas

Politicians acting like children, once again. The “sanctuary” cities bill (SB 9) is dead and the Republicans are all pointing fingers at each other. Governor Rick Perry released a statement specifically blaming Sen. Robert Duncan, R-Lubbock, for the death of the bill. SB 9 passed the Senate last week and the House of Representatives were expected […]

Immigration Program Goes Statewide in Texas | El programa Secure Communities sera implementado en el estado de Tejas

ICE, along with the FBI and DHS’s US-VISIT Program provide the technology to help local law enforcement agencies (LEAs) complete an integrated records check to determine both the criminal history and immigration status of individuals in their custody.