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Undocumented Children/ Niños Indocumentados

English The Department of Homeland Security is being accused of smuggling children. The accuser is a judge from Texas who wrote an order explaining there have been various cases where agents deliver children who are caught crossing the border illegally. From 2010 to 2012 the percentage of children caught crossing rose 81 percent. Obama put […]

Immigration Advocates Pressure/ Defensores Migratorios Presionan

English Now that the fight on an immigration reform is basically done for the year, immigration advocates keep the flame on shutting down ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) offices in Washington D.C. Protesters were chanting and standing with posters that said ‘‘what do me want? Shut down ICE!’’ Some of them even had their hands […]

Reform Is Still Alive/ Reforma Sigue Viva

English Despite a failed year for an immigration reform, some people still believe the fight will not cease in the upcoming year. That is the case for Simon Rosenberg, the founder of the New Democrat Network (NDN). Rosenberg expressed his thoughts on this issue and said Republicans cannot face away from it. The senate has […]

Time Is Now/ Tiempo Es Hoy

English With days left for any legislative action to be made by Speaker Boehner immigration advocates are taking GOP offices across Washington D.C. They are leading this peaceful movement to express their inconformity with the conservative party’s inaction. According to twitter live feed from activists and immigration groups in Washington D.C. more than 1,000 immigrants […]

Senator from NJ supports Immigration Reform/ Senador de NJ apoya Reforma Migratoria

English The senator from the State of New Jersey, Robert Menendez, is joining the group Fast 4 Families in their fast. Menendez announced on his twitter account earlier that he was headed down to the tents were advocates for an immigration reform are standing.  His intentions are to see people’s point of view on the […]

International Human Rights Day/ Dia Internacional de los Derechos Humanos

English In 1950 the United Nations General Assembly declared December 10th as the International Human Rights Day. Today marks an anniversary of people around the globe who are taking a stand on what they believe to be human rights.   The Fast 4 Families group is doing their part in representing the immigration reform fight […]

Diversity of immigrants/ Diversidad de inmigrantes

English Diversity is present in our entire nation today. Whether you’re a born a legal citizen or a naturalized citizen or even an undocumented immigrant, you have realized your home is here in America. That is the case of Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented immigrant from the Philippines. Vargas was brought by his mother as […]

Boehner Picks Tallent/ Boehner Escoge A Tallent

English House Speaker John Boehner is now referring to Rebecca Tallent, the director of immigration policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center, as a professional advice analyst on the issue of immigration. Tallent has had past experience working with conservatives such as John McCain. She defined how an immigration reform represents an opportunity to victory for […]

High-profile Dreamer going home/ Soñador de alto perfil regresa a casa

English The fight is at home for Erika Andiola. She is a dreamer from Mesa, Arizona who has resigned from her job in Washington D.C. as a congressional staffer to go home and fight her mother’s deportation case.  Andiola had been working for Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Simena since January. Now she has to leave after […]

Immigration: Static Reform in 2013 / Inmigracion: Reforma Estatica en el 2013

English The immigration reform effort is still on but the end of the year is clearly coming upon us. Activists have decided to maintain the pressure with calls to President Obama. The calls are for the president to stop deportations from happening and to expand the deferred-action program for those immigrants who seek legal status. […]