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President Obama’s Executive Action: The Facts

Tonight, millions of undocumented parents are able to breathe a little easier thanks to President Obama’s executive action. Parents are not the only ones who will benefit. The new memorandum has also expanded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to include individuals who previously failed to meet certain requirements. Below are the facts of what […]

California toma un paso mas en inmigracion / California takes another step on immigration

Gov. Jerry Brown from California signed the TRUST Act this past week. This act is purposely created for immigrants not to be pointed out to federal authorities in case of any interaction with local or state officials. Undocumented immigrants are afraid of denouncing any crime done against them. The primary fear is deportation. With this […]

Family Members of Lawful Permanent Residents

Lawful permanent residents, aka “green card” holders, have the right to seek an immigration benefit for certain family members. The family members include a spouse, child, or son/daughter (21 years of age or older). One of the immigration benefits sought my family members is lawful permanent residency which allows them live and work in the […]

Los Hermanos de Ciudadanos

Muchos desean la posibilidad de traer a sus hermanos a los Estados Unidos. Eso se puede realizar para los ciudadanos estadounidenses. Ellos tienen el derecho de someter la petición I-130 para sus hermanos. El ciudadano americano debe tener 21 años o más para someter la petición para sus hermanos. Después de obtener la aprobación de la […]

El Notario Público

En los Estados Unidos el término “notario público” tiene un significado diferente de los países latinoamericanos. Solamente ciertas personas tienen el derecho de darle consejo legal a un individuo sobre asuntos migratorios: un abogado o un representante acreditado que trabaja para una organización reconocida por la Junta de Apelaciones de Inmigración. Revise si la persona […]

The Employer’s Hiring Responsibility

I-9 Compliance Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), it is illegal to knowingly hire or recruit an individual who do not possess lawful work authorization. The law imposes civil and criminal penalties on employers who knowingly hire or employ individuals not authorized to work in the United States (US). An employer is required […]

Enough is Enough, Venegas Resigns from Secure Communities Program

Recently, Arturo Venegas, the former Sacramento police chief, resigned from the Department of Homeland Security Taskforce. Secure Communities is a controversial program that was designed as a way for the FBI to share fingerprint information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It program is suppose to find dangerous criminals who are undocumented. However, the program has been used to jail […]

Immigration Still Hot Topic, Waiting on Government | Leyes de Inmigración Necesitan Cambiar, Esperando al Gobierno

People remain divided over U.S. immigration policies. Some believe it is the federal government’s job to regulate such policies. Others believe it should be left up to each individual state to determine how they will regulate their immigration issues. The one thing all sides can agree on is that something needs to be done and […]