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Category Archives: DREAM Act

The Fight Against Obama’s Executive Action

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced his executive order, which will bring relief to many undocumented individuals in the United States. Many see Obama’s executive order as a step in the right direction. However, many others don’t see it that way. This past week seventeen states filed a federal lawsuit against President Obama arguing […]

Mexico/University of New Mexico offer $1000 in scholarships to immigrant students

The Mexican government has partnered with the University of New Mexico to offer $1,000 scholarships to immigrant students. The program starts this semester with 50 $1000 scholarships going to Mexican Immigrants or students of Immigrant families in New Mexico. UNM President David Schmidly said the program gives the university a way to better serve immigrants, despite […]

Obama’s Promise for Immigration Reform/Obama Promete una Reforma Inmigratoria

President Barack Obama spoke at the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) annual conference.  Obama tried to encourage Latino voters not to give up on him. However, it has been a difficult administration since republican are not supporting his ideas. Many advocates believe Obama should use his executive authority to fix immigration issues. According to […]

In-state College Tuition for Illegal Immigrants/ Trarifas Estatales para Estudiantes Indocumentados

Governor Deval Patrick, of Massachusetts, urged lawmakers to permit illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition. These bills make public college affordable for immigrants that have resided in the country since children. Originally, illegal immigrants pay non-residential tuition, which is double or triple of in-state tuition. Certain conditions need to be meet, such as attending high […]

Churches Preach for DREAM Act Benefits/Iglesias Predican por los Beneficio del DREAM Act

Politicians and religious join to raise Congress attention in relation to DREAM Act. This project aids millions of young adult who were brought to the Unites States by their parents, at a young age, for a better education. Young students would be able to legalize their immigration status, if they have good academic achievements and […]

Democrats Push For The DREAM Act, Again / Los Democratas Empujan El DREAM Act Otra Vez

The DREAM Act proposal gives illegal immigrants – who enter the country as children – a trail to legal status.  More than 200 people gathered today, including Democrats and undocumented students hoping to push the DREAM Act bill. Democrats and students presented their testimony in front of the Republicans during a judiciary hearing. The DREAM Act passed […]

Dream Act Not Dead…There’s Still Hope | Todavía Hay Esperanza Para El Dream Act

Yesterday, the House surprised us all in a good way. The Dream Act narrowly passed last night. The House passed it on a vote of 216-198. Today, the Senate was suppose to vote on the Act. Instead, the Senate voted to table its own version of the Dream Act. What does this mean? It means […]