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Monthly Archives: November 2013

First Lady: Supports Peaceful Protest/ Primera Dama: Apoya Protesta Pasiva

The first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, has shown supportive to the ”Fast for Families” campaign leaded by immigration activists. Her support came from the social media micro-blog, Twitter, this past Tuesday. She expressed her care and acknowledge their bravery to with stand such a strong mental task. The campaign has been held since November […]

Immmigration: Story of an Activist/ Inmigracion: La historia de una Activista

English This is the story of Julie Erfle, a white middle class woman whose husband was murdered by an undocumented immigrant while serving as a police officer. The set of events occurred in Phoenix Arizona; the state where immigration issues have been almost its national identity. This tragedy triggered Erfle do some research of her […]

Americans: Support Immigration Reform/ Estadounidenses: Apoyan Reforma Migratoria

English Immigration reform is supported by 63% of Americans. This is what a study conducted by Public Religion Research Institute showed. It said another 14% inclined to the idea of allowing immigrants to be granted permanent residence. The other 18% supported the deportation of those who are in the U.S. illegally. The people seem to […]

Immigration: Military family members stay/ Inmigracion: Familiares de militares se quedan

English An immigration related memo was released by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on November 15. The memo described a new policy for undocumented immigrants that are related to military personnel that are on-duty or veterans. This policy grants parole for spouses, children and parents of military personnel who are processing visas. This means they […]

Immigration: Still hot in Washington D.C. / Inmigracion: Sigue relevante en Washington D.C.

English Immigration reform remains a hot issue in Washington D.C. For weeks following the almost forgotten government shutdown, everybody seems to be focused on an immigration reform. The White House tweets show passing immigration reform is number on their to do list. Now Boehner after a few days when everybody thought immigration reform was dead […]

Advocates fasting for reform/ Defensores ayunan por reforma

Immigration advocates have pressured House speaker John Boehner with a visit to one of his offices. Advocates also are fasting in order for him to lay down a comprehensive reform for a vote. Pro-immigration groups have started the ”Fast for Families” movement at a national level. This promotes for families to fast in support of an immigration […]

Taxpayers paying for Immigrant detainees / Contribuyentes de impuestos pagan por inmigrantes detenidos

English The ‘’Detention bed mandate’’ is a plan upheld by Congress in order to keep 34,000 beds filled with undocumented immigrants in 250 detention centers across the country. This cost taxpayers some $120 for each immigrant detained.  This mandate has been operating since 2009 and is estimated to reach $2 billion dollars a year.   […]

Immigration Reform: GOP member support/ Reforma migratoria: miembro del GOP apoyan

English Another Republican congressman supports an immigration reform. The number of Republican reform supporters has know gone up to 29. The mos recent, Vance McAllister, a Louisiana elected congressman, said he is for an immigration reform. With 29 members in favor it is possible for the House of Representatives to pass an immigration reform. It […]

Biden: Gives hope for immigrants/ Biden: Da esperanza a inmigrantes

Vice President, Joe Biden, said at a naturalization ceremony he felt disappointed on what John Boehner said this Wednesday. House speaker, Boehner, said the Republican party has no intentions in voting for the comprehensive-immigration bill passed by the Senate. Biden called this a step backward in our nations progress. During the ceremony Biden encouraged all […]

Immigration Limbo/ Limbo Migratorio

English Immigration reform remains in limbo.   House Speaker, John Boehner, said there are no intentions of going to conference on the Senate bill, which was passed in June. Boehner did not specify if House Republicans are working on a piecemeal approach. Executive director for America’s Voice said Boehner’s actions would have a negative effect; doing nothing […]