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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Anti-immigration law blocked in Alabama/ Ley anti-inmigrante bloqueada en Alabama

Tranquility has returned to immigrants and immigration advocates living in Alabama. After a long fight the ‘’show me your papers’’ law or as legally known HB 56 law has been disarmed. This law required for schools to verify the immigration status of students starting as early as kindergarten, criminalizing employers who hired immigrants and other […]

Republicans start signing/ Republicanos empiezan a firmar

The Republican signing for a new immigration bill has begun with Jeff Denham. A Republican who said he is confident that other Republicans will join him. This California representative felt to do this as the right thing since almost half of the people in the district he represents are Latino. This new push from President […]

Republicans bettering their image/ Republicanos mejorando su imagen

 After Republicans were being blamed for the government shutdown and Americans having disapproval over congress the Republican Party wants to change its negative image during 2013. Now Republicans are looking at lobbying for Immigration reform. Republicans for Immigration which is a group that supports reform is amping up their advertisement on this issue. This gives […]

Modernizing the immigrant perspective/ Modernizando la perspectiva del inmigrante

Modernize our immigration system so we can have a stronger, bigger middle class. Those were the words from President Obama on his press release on immigration reform. He even joked about how great this bill is on how it will have positive effects on our country.  He called it smart, fair, good for the economy, […]

Hispanic Democrats support immigration reform/ Democratas hispanos promueven reforma migratoria

Democrats are raising their voices on immigration reform. The issue on immigration is turning red hot on these final months of 2013. Joe Garcia, a Democrat representative from Florida, said that the American people are ready for congress to tackle this issue on immigration reform. Another Democrat representative, Xavier Becerra, said that there is no […]

Nevada wants an immigration reform / Nevada queriendo una reforma migratoria

The progress of a political party is going to be determined by the people that stand behind and support them. The scope is now on the immigration rhetoric and how being supportive to an immigration reform plan will get legislators the favorable stance on polls in their district. Polling firms such as Magellan Strategies who […]

Optimistic immigration talks/ Platicas optimistas de inmigracion

The speaker from the House of Representatives, John Boehner, is looking very optimistic about an immigration bill. Talks about Republicans actually wanting a solution on the immigration reform are vivid. The senior policy adviser on immigration for President Obama, Felicia Escobar, said ‘’Boehner and the Republican caucus do want to find a solution’’. At a […]

Time ticks in Washington/ Tiempo corre en Washington

Time keeps on ticking and the immigration reform seems to get new attention now that Obama is pressing forward on this issue. While being interviewed by a Hispanic network he mentioned the importance of keeping his promises that helped him get elected. In 2008 his campaign targeted Hispanics and followed pro-immigration reform rhetoric. “And if […]

Pro-Immigrant Support/ Apoyo Pro-Inmigrante

Pro Immigrant groups around the country have kept the immigration topic relevant to the political rhetoric. Their strikes have been seen in about 150 cities around the country in these past weeks. The main objective is to keep legislators focused on the immigration reform topic. The senate, which has a Democratic majority of representatives, approved […]

Obama and three issues/ Obama y tres asuntos

Obama has one of the three factors of what he thinks could make the United States economy better. That is the government passing the budget and the other two, immigration reform and the farm bill. During a press release he openly discussed how differences between parties should not stop progression on issues they are in […]