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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Obama’s Promise for Immigration Reform/Obama Promete una Reforma Inmigratoria

President Barack Obama spoke at the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) annual conference.  Obama tried to encourage Latino voters not to give up on him. However, it has been a difficult administration since republican are not supporting his ideas. Many advocates believe Obama should use his executive authority to fix immigration issues. According to […]

California’s DREAM Act/ El DREAM Act de California

Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown singed a legislation, at Los Angeles City College,  to expand scholarship opportunities for undocumented students. Assembly Bill 130 allows student living in California that qualify for in-state tuition to apply for private financial aid. According to Gov. Brown “our future is uncertain if we neglect those students.” This bill opens many doors to […]

In-state College Tuition for Illegal Immigrants/ Trarifas Estatales para Estudiantes Indocumentados

Governor Deval Patrick, of Massachusetts, urged lawmakers to permit illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition. These bills make public college affordable for immigrants that have resided in the country since children. Originally, illegal immigrants pay non-residential tuition, which is double or triple of in-state tuition. Certain conditions need to be meet, such as attending high […]

Parents recover their daughter via Internet/Padres recuperan a sus hijas por medio del Internet

For the past years immigrant families have been separated. Parents are been deported back to their country and children are left behind. Unfortunately, distance is a big challenge in custody cases. In this case Ashley and Ashanti were separated from their undocumented parents two years ago. Their parents were found here illegally, and were deported […]

New Visa Lottery Results/ Nuevo Resultado De Lotería de Visas

Since 1990 Visa Lottery are provided each year by State Department. Until know 11 million permanent resident cards have been issued. On Friday, the State Department published recent results of its visa lottery to provide green cards for 55,000 foreigners around the world, after canceling first drawing since a computer error was encounter. According to […]

Living in a “mixed” Family/ Viviendo Entere una Familia “mista”

This article pertains to the life story of Alicia Martinez daughter of undocumented immigrants. As her there are many other young adults and children descendents of undocumented immigrants. Alicia Martinez feels guilty for the circumstances her family is facing. For example, he is able to obtain a career which her sister can obtain, but would […]

Churches Preach for DREAM Act Benefits/Iglesias Predican por los Beneficio del DREAM Act

Politicians and religious join to raise Congress attention in relation to DREAM Act. This project aids millions of young adult who were brought to the Unites States by their parents, at a young age, for a better education. Young students would be able to legalize their immigration status, if they have good academic achievements and […]

Victim of Human Trafficking/Victimas del Tráfico de Humanos

Human trafficking as in many other countries is also a problem in the United States. U.S. Government developed program Trafficking Victims Protection Act. On behalf of this programs women, men, and children victim of human trafficking could be granted nonimmigration status, if they live in the United States, agree to cooperate with law enforcement, and […]

Low Migration Rates from Mexico a Pathway to Immigration Reform/Baja el Índice de Inmigración desde México cave la Posibilidad a Una Reforma Inmigratoria

According to research by the Mexican Migrant Project (MMP) unauthorized immigration from Mexico to the United States has fallen over the years. Indeed, the number of immigrants entering the United States has a net rate of zero-meaning that the number of migrant entering is equal to the number of who leave and died.  MMP found […]

Lawsuit against Alabama Immigration Law/ Denuncia en contra de Ley Inmigratoria en Alabama

Alabama immigration law takes effect until September 1, but Civil Right groups are trying to stop this law. The law permits police to arrest individual if suspected of been an illegal immigrant, however, if the person most have been detained for some other reason. Police official cannot detain an individual base on racial profiling. Individual […]