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Monthly Archives: June 2011

SB 9 Bill is Dead, Gov. Perry Plays the Blame Game | El Fracaso De La Ley Contra Las Ciudades Santuario En Texas

Politicians acting like children, once again. The “sanctuary” cities bill (SB 9) is dead and the Republicans are all pointing fingers at each other. Governor Rick Perry released a statement specifically blaming Sen. Robert Duncan, R-Lubbock, for the death of the bill. SB 9 passed the Senate last week and the House of Representatives were expected […]

Democrats Push For The DREAM Act, Again / Los Democratas Empujan El DREAM Act Otra Vez

The DREAM Act proposal gives illegal immigrants – who enter the country as children – a trail to legal status.  More than 200 people gathered today, including Democrats and undocumented students hoping to push the DREAM Act bill. Democrats and students presented their testimony in front of the Republicans during a judiciary hearing. The DREAM Act passed […]

The Senate Bill 9 “Sanctuary Cities Bill”/ Proyecto de Ley 9 Para “Ciudades de Santuarios”

Senator Tommy Williams’s legislation would prevent cities, counties and government agencies from adopting policies that stop law enforcement officials from asking a person about their immigration status when arrested or lawfully detained. In other word, officials are able to ask individuals for their immigration status in the United States. Under this bill, every jail is […]

ICE Anounces Changes to Program “Secure Communities” / ICE Anuncia Cambios a el Programa “Comunidades Seguras”

The Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), John Morton, delivered a memorandum to guide the agency in order to enforce immigration priorities base on their prosecutorial discretion. ICE must prioritize the use of its enforcement personnel to promote national security, border security, public safety and the honesty of immigration system.  In order to prioritize […]