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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Haitian TPS deadline approaching | Todavía pueda aplicar para el TPS de Haití

The extended TPS deadline for Haitians is quickly approaching. The deadline is January 18, 2011. All TPS applications must be submitted by the deadline. TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status. TPS will not give you lawful permanent resident status or citizenship. It will however, give you lawful status in the US and the ability to […]

Obama Not Giving Up On Immigration Reform | Obama Quiere Seguir La Lucha Para La Reforma Migratoria

Obama recently met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. He reassured them that he would continue campaigning for immigration reform. As many of you already know, the Senate failed to pass the Dream Act this past weekend. The final vote total was 55-41. The Dream Act was just 5 votes away from being passed. Obama’s reassurance […]

Man suffers seizure and dies in custody | Hombre sufre ataque epiléptico y muere en prisión

They say one of the worst things a parent can ever experience is the death of their child. But what if someone denies your child medication which results in their death? For Graciela Galindo, that was her reality. Mrs. Galindo’s son, Jesus Manuel Galindo, was sentenced to 30 months in prison for illegal re-entry. According […]

No Mercy From Judge, Woman Ordered Back To Mexico

Tara Ammons Cohen, 38,  was adopted by an American couple when she was 5 months old. Today a federal immigration judge ordered her to be deported back to her native country – Mexico. Cohen does not speak Spanish and she does not know anyone in Mexico. Unfortunately for Cohen, immigration laws do not recognize adoptions […]

Dream Act Not Dead…There’s Still Hope | Todavía Hay Esperanza Para El Dream Act

Yesterday, the House surprised us all in a good way. The Dream Act narrowly passed last night. The House passed it on a vote of 216-198. Today, the Senate was suppose to vote on the Act. Instead, the Senate voted to table its own version of the Dream Act. What does this mean? It means […]

J-1 Visa Students Seek Pleasant Exchange Program, Get Abused Instead | Estudiantes Extranjeros Viajan a Los EEUU y Sufren Abusos

Exchange programs are a great way  to experience a different culture. Just like so many of us Americans are fascinated by other countries, many foreign college students are fascinated by our way of life. Some foreign exchange students, however, got a very different view of the U.S. They got to experience the underbelly world of human trafficking, […]